Journalist Shot Dead at Child’s Christmas Pageant

A Mexican journalist has been shot dead while he attended his son’s school Christmas pageant as attacks on the country’s press continue unabated.

Gumaro Pérez Aguilando was attending the school event in the town of Acayucan on Tuesday, when a pair of gunmen burst into the building and killed him in front of a classroom full of schoolchildren, witnesses told local media.

His death marked the 12th murder of a media worker in Mexico in 2017, according to the press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The killing puts Mexico alongside Syria as the most murderous country for journalists, according to RSF.

Pérez covered police matters for several publications and founded the news site La Voz del Sur in the violent city of Acayucan, in Veracruz state, where drug cartel and organised crime activities have been rife. He also worked in the communications department of the local government.

Pérez had not reported any threats against him, said Ana Laura Pérez Mendoza, president of the State Commission for the Care and Protection of Journalists. (Read more from “Journalist Shot Dead at Child’s Christmas Pageant” HERE)

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