Majority Party in Troubled Nation Plans to Seize Private Land

Cyril Ramaphosa, the new leader of South Africa’s dominant African National Congress (ANC) party, has promised a “radical economic transformation” for the country, including the possibility of seizing land without compensation.

“This conference has resolved that the expropriation of land without compensation should be among the mechanisms available to government to effect to land reform and redistribution,” he declared.

He added that any redistribution must be done in a way that is “sustainable.”

A considerable portion of land in South Africa is owned by white farmers, though their status is hardly privileged. White farmers have been under siege, suffering a murder rate 20 times the international average.

Being a farmer in South Africa is more dangerous than being a police officer. The South African government has been noticeably reticent to stop the killings, and South African President Jacob Zuma has even been filmed singing the revolutionary song “Kill The Boer.” (Read more from “Majority Party in Troubled Nation Plans to Seize Private Land” HERE)

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