US Commandos Train to Capture North Korean Nukes

U.S. military forces reportedly trained earlier this month for a mission that would put them on North Korean soil, with the objective of “infiltrating” and “removing weapons of mass destruction,” according to foreign military sources.

Revealing photos of a recent exercise, dubbed Warrior Strike IX, show a U.S. military unit known as “The Black Jack Brigade” training alongside their South Korean counterparts at Camp Stanley, in Korea. The pictures were featured in a post on the unit’s Facebook page.

The images show soldiers training with night-vision equipment, armored vehicles and full-face protective gear, including gas masks. Descriptions of the event suggest soldiers practiced for eventualities such as transporting injured comrades and capturing combatants.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, which quoted anonymous military sources, the combined exercise was designed to simulate “infiltrating North Korea and removing weapons of mass destruction in case of conflict.” An Army spokesperson stationed in South Korea declined to comment.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has suggested repeatedly that one of his main goals in Korea was to avoid sending U.S. forces into North Korean territory. But he also seemed to concede last week that is a scenario that might need to be addressed. (Read more from “US Commandos Train to Capture North Korean Nukes” HERE)

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