Alaskan Wilderness Experience Planned for Children of Fallen Service Members

An ambitious new program known as Healing the Wounds is underway to build up and mentor the children of fallen military service members and law enforcement officers, combining the Alaskan wilderness with career and leadership training to last a lifetime, according to its founder.

The year-long program will be geared towards children aged 12-17.

Healing the Wounds President Jeffrey Epstein spent years leading wilderness experiences for families and groups in Alaska and strongly believes the changes he saw in those clients could also do a world of good for young people trying to chart a path forward following the loss of a parent in service to the nation or their community.

“I’d like to roll this out for the children of our nation’s fallen heroes – and that includes both law enforcement and the military – and provide them with the same opportunities, but actually help mentor them with unprecedented opportunities to blossom and lead productive lives,” said Epstein.

“We really want to have an impact. We want to help create the next generation of responsible young adults,” he added. (Read more from “Alaskan Wilderness Experience Planned for Children of Fallen Service Members” HERE)

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