Chinese Triplets Are a True Miracle Story, but Not for the Reason You’d Think

You would think it would be at least a small miracle when a women is able to bear triplets that are healthy, as a woman from China named Mensheng did in Miami on December 22 . . .

Mensheng and her husband Zhang didn’t realize that Mensheng was pregnant until after they arrived in Miami, which spared them the unthinkable: the Chinese government’s insistence that one of the babies be aborted due to the government’s “Two-Child Policy.”

As Jay Hobbs of notes:

Had the couple stayed a few months—or even a few weeks—longer in China, Mensheng and the boys would’ve been prime targets for a totalitarian regime that has aborted over 400 million babies since it instituted its One-Child Policy in 1979. While the government announced a change to the radical policy in late 2015, forced abortion still remains a significant factor under the so-called “Two-Child Policy” currently in effect.

But the couple was blessed with their sons, Landon, Winston and Auden, instead. The boys are currently in a neonatal intensive care unit, as Landon was barely over two pounds at birth while his brothers were each three pounds, five ounces at birth. (Read more from “Chinese Triplets Are a True Miracle Story, but Not for the Reason You’d Think” HERE)

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