Court Backs Right to Express Christian Views at Work

By WND. Discrimination against Christian ideas has been handed a big reprimand by the Washington state Supreme Court.

The justices ruled Thursday a former fire captain who was fired for sending emails with religious content through his work account can sue the Spokane Valley Fire Department for damages because his First Amendment rights were violated.

Jon Sprague pointed out other employees used the same email system for a variety of other purposes, such as seeking babysitting and selling concert tickets. There also were discussions of substance abuse and conflicts with children.

But when Sprague shared thoughts from the Bible, he ended up unemployed.

The high court previously returned the case to the lower courts because of unresolved issues over the fire department’s violation of Sprague’s First Amendment rights. (Read more from “Court Backs Right to Express Christian Views at Work” HERE)


Washington Court Rules Fire Department Violated Firefighter’s Free Speech

By CN. A fire department violated a firefighter’s free-speech rights when it restricted his ability to include religious comments in work emails and forums, the Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

The fire department now has the burden of showing it would have fired the firefighter even without his protected First Amendment actions . . .

Sprague used the department’s email to send messages about the Christian fellowship, which often incorporated Bible passages and topics to be discussed at meetings, according to court documents . . .

Eventually, the department suspended and fired him after a mediation process failed.

Sprague claimed in state court he was the victim of religious discrimination and free speech violations. (Read more from “Washington Court Rules Fire Department Violated Firefighter’s Free Speech” HERE)

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