Former Presidential Candidate Fires Chief of Staff for ‘Improper Conduct’

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said Saturday that he had fired his chief of staff after receiving allegations of improper conduct.

Rubio said in a statement that he had “sufficient evidence” to conclude that his chief of staff had “violated office policies regarding proper relations between a supervisor and their subordinates.” Clint Reed, who has been identified as the senator’s chief of staff, first began working for Rubio as his Iowa state director in October 2015.

“I further concluded that this led to actions which in my judgement amounted to threats to withhold employment benefits,” Rubio said.

The Florida senator said he was made aware of these reports Friday and immediately began investigating the matter. Rubio said he traveled from Florida to Washington D.C. on Saturday evening to fire his chief of staff.

Rubio’s office said that, in accordance with the wishes of those who made the complaints, it would not be disclosing any further details about the incidents. (Read more from “Former Presidential Candidate Fires Chief of Staff for ‘Improper Conduct'” HERE)

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