Franklin Graham Responds to CNN Reporter Lighting Marijuana Bong Live on Air

Rev. Franklin Graham responded to CNN’s New Year’s Eve story on marijuana in a post on Facebook.

“I wish this were #fakenews, but CNN seems to now be promoting drug use!” he wrote.

During CNN’s year-end broadcast, reporter Randi Kaye was in Denver, where marijuana is legal for recreational use.

“Their New Year’s Eve ‘coverage’ of pot use in Colorado was disgraceful,” Graham continued. “Their reporter, Randi Kaye, excitedly — and shamelessly — held a joint, lit a bong, oohed over a special gas mask used by stoners, and laughed about not knowing where she was. All while wearing marijuana leaf earrings.”

During the broadcast, Kaye said she was witnessing “New Year’s Eve, Denver-style!” and seemed disoriented, Fox News reported.

“We have a crippling drug epidemic in our nation that is destroying families and lives. I think this reporter and the producers should be fired and CNN should apologize for promoting pot use,” Graham concluded. “If you agree, let CNN know by tagging them in the comments below or commenting on their Facebook page.”

There are currently 19,581 comments on Graham’s post.

Graham was not the only one angered by the coverage as Twitter users expressed similar sentiments.

“CNN is trying to trademark the debauchery as its brand for New Year’s Eve coverage,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said, according to Fox. “I mean that quite seriously.”

TheBlaze also covered the pot-themed report on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“It was very helpful, especially if your kids are watching and they’re not familiar with how to actually take a bong hit,” host Pat Gray said.

According to a 2014 USA Today report, marijuana products are stronger today than they’ve been in the past.

“Marijuana increases the risk of psychosis, in which people lose touch with reality and may experience delusions, hallucinations and paranoia,” Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse told USA Today in 2014. “Colorado police have reported two deaths this year related to psychosis-like episodes in pot users.” (For more from the author of “Franklin Graham Responds to CNN Reporter Lighting Marijuana Bong Live on Air” please click HERE)

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