Hillary Funded Ex-Spy Had Call With FBI About Email Probe

During the contentious 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton was fuming that then-FBI Director James Comey had closed and then re-opened the investigation into her emails.

So what’s a Clinton to do when the FBI won’t get off her tail and is threatening to derail her coveted White House bid?

Hire an ex-spy to report unverified accusations and salacious personal dirt on her Republican opponent, Donald Trump.

Have that ex-spy pass the scandalous dossier off to the FBI, which is suspected of using it to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign. (The FBI launched a probe of Trump a month after it received the dossier.)

Then, just as Comey re-opens the Clinton email probe in late October, the Clinton-funded ex-spy calls the FBI about its investigation of Clinton, and he claims the probe is politically motivated.

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