HIV-Positive School Sports Coach Admits Sexually Abusing 42 Students

By Lucy Pasha-Robinson. A HIV-positive former sports coach has been charged with sexually abusing 42 children, prosecutors said.

Carlos Deangelo Bell, from Maryland, pled guilty to 27 counts, including sexual abuse of a minor, child pornography charges and attempted transmission of HIV, state attorney for Charles County Tony Covington said.

Bell allegedly carried out the offences between May 2015 to June 2017, and victims were aged between 11 and 17-years-old, the court heard.

Of the 42 victims, officials said just 28 have been identified. Police said he sexually assaulted the students without using protection, according to Fox5, but investigators were not aware of any victim having tested positive for HIV.

“You really can’t imagine what had to be gone through when investigating this case,” said Mr Covington, CNN reported, referring to the hours of video that “nobody ever wants to see.” (Read more from “HIV-Positive School Sports Coach Admits Sexually Abusing 42 Students” HERE)


High School Basketball Coach Arrested Over Claims She Slept With Underage Student

By Clark Mindock. A high school basketball coach has been arrested after she allegedly had a sexual relationship with an underage student.

Police reportedly arrested 26-year-old Ann Kuroki Friday night, after a short investigation that began Wednesday.

The authorities launched that investigation after they received a tip that Ms Kuroki had a physical relationship with a male student at the Gooding, Idaho, high school

Ms Kuroki is now the subject of an internal investigation being conducted by the Gooding School District, which terminated her contract Thursday morning, according to reports.

She had previously worked for the district as a so-called “at will” employee, even though police in the town referred to her as a teacher there. (Read more from “High School Basketball Coach Arrested Over Claims She Slept With Underage Student” HERE)

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