Iran Uprising Blamed on Cash Transfers to Hezbollah Terrorists

The terrorist organization Hezbollah is partly responsible for the popular uprising in Iran against the mullah regime in which citizens are shouting slogans addressing the ayatollah such as “Aren’t you ashamed Khamenei?”

That’s according to Yves Mamou, an author and journalist based in France writing for the Gatestone Institute.

Mamou explained that the protests in dozens of Iranian cities – which have prompted President Trump to suggest the U.S. could offer support at the right time – are because of the Iranian’s regime commitment to funding Hezbollah.

“The demonstrators were demanding that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spend Iranian money for Iranian people – and only for Iranian people,” Mamou wrote.

“Ironically, Iran’s receiving more than $100 billion in frozen assets (from the Obama administration) for the hapless ‘nuclear deal’ succeeded in breaking the solidarity between Iranian people and the Ayatollahs’ regime better than the sanctions did. During the tough time of sanctions, the Iranian people stood by their leaders,” Mamou wrote. (Read more from “Iran Uprising Blamed on Cash Transfers to Hezbollah Terrorists” HERE)

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