Israel Dig Unearths Prehistoric ‘Paradise’

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a rare prehistoric site near Tel Aviv described as a “paradise” for hunter-gatherers living 500,000 years ago.

The site, next to a busy motorway at Jaljulia, has revealed hundreds of flint axes and other artefacts.

Experts say the area had a stream, vegetation and an abundance of animals – all perfect for early humans . . .

The ancient landscape was found between Jaljulia and the Route 6 motorway, about 5m (16ft) below the surface, and the finds indicate it was used by the ancestors of modern humans – homo erectus.

The Israel Antiquities Authority, which carried out the joint excavation with the university, said the finds had shed new light on the period. (Read more from “Israel Dig Unearths Prehistoric ‘Paradise'” HERE)

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