#Metoo Mom Does Something Unthinkable with Refugee Lover

A middle-age Swedish woman who took an 18-year-old Afghan refugee into her home as her lover refused to report the young man to police when he sexually assaulted her daughter, 12, reported the Swedish news site, FriaTider.

“I was afraid he would be sent back to Afghanistan,” said the unidentified woman, who works in a residential-care home for children and teens.

Ironically, the woman is active in Sweden’s #MeToo movement against sexual assault, reports FriaTider.

The #MeToo movement has been particularly active in Sweden. In the fall of 2017, tens of thousands in different industries signed petitions through their unions against sexual abuse and harassment. Thousands of women have published testimonials, exposing their alleged perpetrators . . .

The woman, 45, reportedly started a relationship with the young man while working at the home in Sölvesborg. When he “became official” and no longer qualified for HVB housing, she allowed him to move into her home that she shared with her daughter. He is identified as Abdul Dostmohammadi by the Daily Mail. (Read more from “#Metoo Mom Does Something Unthinkable with Refugee Lover” HERE)

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