Why Muslims Can’t Tolerate Man’s Best Friend

. . .Bible Scriptures, in Proverbs, say a good man is kind to his animals but the wicked are cruel to theirs, noted Peter Hammond, the head of the South African evangelical group Frontline Fellowship.

“And we see this in Islam. There’s a tremendous cruelty toward dogs, in particular,” he said,” he said in an interview with “The Glazov Gang,” which regularly invites guests to talk about Islam and the effort to spread Islamic law around the globe.

Hammond said that among Muslims, there’s “obviously a lack of love and appreciation for God’s creation.”

Glazov pointed to Islamic theology, citing, for example, Muhammad’s command to kill dogs and a sacred Islamic text that states an angel did not enter into a house where there was a dog.

“God has made dogs very loyal and dependable, and to think that [Muhammad] would actually command that we beat them, that we stone them, especially black dogs,” Hammond said. (Read more from “Why Muslims Can’t Tolerate Man’s Best Friend” HERE)

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