Violent Crime Is Surging in Germany – Their Solution Will Leave You Speechless

Refugees are causing a major problem in Germany; the situation is getting so bad that mainstream media outlets can no longer ignore it. Now a new report shows that migrants are almost solely responsible for the country’s rise in violent crime . . .

The most insane part of the German government’s report was the solution that they offered to fix the problem. According to Reuters:

The study said reuniting refugees with their families by allowing them to come to Germany too could help to reduce violence. Such reunions look set to be a particularly contentious issue in talks about a new coalition government.

. . .

It is not difficult to understand why women avoid these young male migrants as Germany had to install rape-free zones for the most recent New Year’s Eve celebrations after a series of horrifying sexual attacks by migrants occurred a couple of years ago. Documents that were leaked in 2016 showed that “approximately 2,000 men, many of whom were newly-arrived migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, sexually assaulted more than 1,200 women during the celebrations in several German cities.” (Read more from “Violent Crime Is Surging in Germany – Their Solution Will Leave You Speechless” HERE)

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