Entire School Curriculum to Push ‘Gay’ Lifestyle?

A “gay” activist group in the United Kingdom has released a plan to advance its agenda through every subject taught in government-sponsored schools . . .

The plan is presented in a guide titled “Creating an LGBT-inclusive Curriculum: A Guide for Secondary Schools,” authored by Stonewall, the leading homosexuality promoter in the United Kingdom.

Ciarán Kelly, deputy director of the Christian Institute, charged that Stonewall is launching a “hostile takeover” of education.

“By issuing this guide, Stonewall appears to be trying to take over the national curriculum in a bid to advertise themselves,” Kelly said. “Pupils should be free from this unnecessary interference and not be put under pressure to endorse the LGBT agenda.” . . .

[The CEO of Stonewall] said that because “bullying” remains commonplace, “a crucial part of tackling this problem is delivering a curriculum that includes LGBT people and their experiences.” (Read more from “Entire School Curriculum to Push ‘Gay’ Lifestyle?” HERE)

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