Ex-Commie Spy Chief: Dem Intel Abuse Haunting

A former Soviet-bloc spy chief who famously defected to the United States during the Cold War says the effort by the Democratic Party during the 2016 election to distribute a bogus anti-Trump “dossier” filled with Russian propaganda and use it to obtain a warrant to spy on the opposition campaign is reminiscent of disinformation operations he was asked to carry out for his boss, dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu.

“They say that history repeats itself. If you have lived two lives, as I have done, you have a good chance of seeing a re-enactment with your own eyes,” wrote Ion Mihai Pacepa in a column for PJ Media.

Pacepa was referring to the memo released one week ago by the Republican majority on the House Intelligence Committee summarizing evidence that President Obama’s FBI and Justice Department presented to a top-secret intelligence court the dubious opposition-research dossier written by discredited former British spy Christopher Steele and funded by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee, without specifying to the court its origin.

Pacepa, after his change of heart and spectacular defection in 1978, provided invaluable intelligence to the CIA, working with the agency on various plots against the Eastern bloc. In response, the Ceausescu regime served two death sentences on him. The dictator created a special Securitate unit staffed with about 1,000 officers and given the single task of assassinating Pacepa in the United States.

Pacepa told WND in a December 2016 interview that the Soviet Union’s massive intelligence apparatus, like the Romanian service he headed, was focused less on spying and more on activities such as rewriting history, manufacturing false documents, defaming noble people and planting anti-American disinformation in the liberal Western news media. (Read more from “Ex-Commie Spy Chief: Dem Intel Abuse Haunting” HERE)

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