FBI Texts: Huma Abedin Sought Immunity – or Would Take ‘5th’

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, likely threatened to take “the 5th” if she didn’t get immunity to talk to a grand jury, according to a newly released batch of phone texts between two pro-Clinton, anti-Trump FBI officials.

The texts just released by Sen. Ron Johnson’s Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee revealed that the threat came in December 2016, after it was thought the Clinton email probe was dormant but one focusing on her husband’s sexting to a 15-year-old girl was ongoing.

The texts do not give much context, other than mentioning a grand jury. Just before the election, there was a renewed focus on Abedin because Clinton emails were found on the computer of her estranged husband, eventually sentenced to two years for sexting the teen.

But a month before the new text revealing the demand from Abedin’s lawyers, the FBI closed the link between the Weiner computer and the Clinton case . . .

Writing on Dec. 13, Strzok texted, “Talked to DoJ about HA interview. Told them we had to interview, no immunity. They said they thought that would get counsel to the point of saying she’s either taking the 5th in the Gj or you need to give her immunity. I said that’s fine, please have discussions to get the decision to that point and I would run up the chain.” (Read more from “Fbi Texts: Huma Abedin Sought Immunity – or Would Take ‘5th'” HERE)

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