Feds to Give All Your Health Data to Researchers

The federal government has just launched a 10-year, $1.5 billion project for which researchers want your information . . .

Medical records, mental-health records, lifestyle details, personal habits, physical measurements, blood pressure, height, weight, blood and urine samples, details on health-care visits, procedures, medications, and electronic health records, among others . . .

It’s called All of Us and scientists say they want at least one million people to be under observation on an ongoing basis.

Explains one federal report, the effort by the NIH has the goal of developing “a 1,000,000 person-plus cohort of individuals across the country willing to share their biology, lifestyle, and environmental data for the purpose of research.”

A “soft launch” already has been accomplished, and partners already part of the plan include the TransAmerica Precision Medicine Consortium, Biobank, San Ysidro Health, University of Arizona, University of Pittsburgh and a long list of federal agencies. (Read more from “Feds to Give All Your Health Data to Researchers” HERE)

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