Horrendous: Murdered Teen Posted Ad Asking to Be Killed

A man accused of killing a 19-year-old Colorado woman claims she placed a Craigslist ad asking to be murdered.

Joseph Lopez, 22, claims he didn’t know Natalie Bollinger before the Broomfield, Colorado, teenager allegedly wrote a disturbing Craigslist post. “I want to put a hit on myself,” Bollinger allegedly wrote on her local Craiglist’s “women seeking men” section in late December, according to an affidavit first reported by Denver7. Lopez claims he answered the post posing as a hitman. Then, cops say, his make-believe profession became real.

Police found Bollinger’s body in a wooded area on a dairy farm on Dec. 29. Her boyfriend had reported her missing the previous day. The boyfriend’s Glock pistol was also missing from his home, he told police, according to the affidavit.

The teenager’s murder was a mystery from the start. An autopsy report revealed her cause of death as a single gunshot wound to the head. She had been shot from behind at close range, the bullet angling downward, as if fired from above. Although the bullet killed her, her autopsy also noted that Bollinger had “a potentially lethal level of heroin in the blood at time of death.” (Read more from “Horrendous: Murdered Teen Posted Ad Asking to Be Killed” HERE)

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