Jesus Statue Decapitated in Church Sword Attack

Indonesian police shot and wounded a man wielding a one-meter-long sword who attacked a Catholic Church service Sunday, seriously injuring four, including a priest, and decapitating a statue of Jesus.

Police in the world’s most populous Muslim nation in the world say they are stumped about a motive.

About 100 people were attending the service in the town of Sleman in Yogyakarta province on Java island when a man barged in wielding the sword began attacking terror-stricken faithful, seemingly indiscriminately . . .

A few minutes after the service started, a congregation member ran into the church with a bleeding head chased by a young man holding a sharp weapon, said worshipper Andhi Cahyo.

People fled through another door as the attacker ran amok inside the church. He destroyed some books and a Virgin Mary statue with his sword, said Cahyo, and attacked 81-year-old German priest Edmund Prier who was standing at the altar. (Read more from “Jesus Statue Decapitated in Church Sword Attack” HERE)

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