Man Hit with Major Fine for ‘Crime of Opinion’

It’s common knowledge that there are “no-go zones” for Christians across Europe, those regions where there now are majority Muslim populations and while on the books the laws may have remained reflective of the continent’s Christian heritage, in practice it’s different . . .

It’s quite possible that the Islamist influence has moved well beyond what many would have expected, after a man in Sweden, one of those nations that are protective of Islam, was fined $1,265 for a “crime of opinion.”

The man, age 55, from Jönköping, was convicted, and fined, for “writing on Facebook that Sunni Muslims account for a lot of the gang-related crimes and rapes committed in Sweden.” . . .

The man’s own statement, reportedly, went, “Somalis are Sunni Muslim, they have the same orientation as Saudi Arabia, with sharia law & other s*it… They account for a lot of gang crime in Sweden and other violent stuff like rapes. Afghans are also up to 80 percent Sunni, the d— pack.”

That apparently violated Sweden’s Islamist-protective rules against being “derogatory,” which is a ‘crime of opinion.” (Read more from “Man Hit with Major Fine for ‘Crime of Opinion'” HERE)

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