Man’s Best Friend Targeted by Euthanasia Drug in Dog Food Flavors

. . .Within minutes of sharing a can of Evanger’s pet food among her five dogs, she was racing the lifeless animals to the emergency vet.

Desperate for answers, the family sent the remainder of the food to a specialized lab and drove Talulah’s lifeless body to a veterinary pathologist for a postmortem examination. . .

It was pentobarbital: A lethal drug, most commonly used to euthanize dogs, cats and some horses. The deadly toxin is never permitted to kill animals that are part of the food supply and would violate federal law if it was.

“Pet food violates federal law, is openly allowed by the FDA to violate federal law, billion dollar a year companies are making profit selling illegal adulterated products to unknowing consumers in the US every day,” said Susan Thixton, a pet food consumer advocate who’s been studying and writing about the pet food industry for decades.

“Consumers have no information, “ said Thixton. “A consumer has to become a private detective to learn what’s really in their food.” (Read more from “Man’s Best Friend Target by Euthanasia Drug in Dog Food Flavors” HERE)

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