Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’: Making Obvious Racism Cool!

Did you guys hear about that new movie, “White Panther”? It’s all about this white king who wants to build a wall around his kingdom. Oh, and he also makes all of the #MeToo women call him “My King” and has a quest for racial purity in his kingdom.

Oh wait. Flip that script.

That movie is called “Black Panther” and if you insert the word “black” for “white,” it pretty much sums up the comic book on which the movie is based . . .

It now seems to be the goal of virtue-signaling social justice warriors and liberals in general to, if not completely eliminate white people, then to make them feel overwhelmingly guilty over things with which they had no control or participation — e.g, slavery.

Never mind the fact that a tremendous number of White Devils — around 365,000 to be exact — bled and died to STOP the evil of slavery. You know — that pesky thing known as the Civil War. Which, I’m pretty sure, ended in 1865. (Read more from “Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’: Making Obvious Racism Cool!” HERE)

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