Sanctuary Mayor ‘Not Scared at All’ of Trump

The Trump administration is considering criminal charges against local officials who don’t fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities, but Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti insists he’s “not scared at all,” calling the crackdown on the so-called “sanctuary city” movement “a weak and pathetic move.”

Garcetti was asked by PJ Media if he was worried about the possibility of facing federal charges.

“Not at all. I think it’s a political circus. I think it’s about stirring up, you know, blowing a dog whistle – not about anything real,” he said in an interview at the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting.

“There’s not a single document we’ve ever cut back, and they know that. There’s not a single city in America that has done that, so it was kind of a weak and pathetic move, and I’m not scared at all,” he said of Justice Department requests for records related to compliance with federal law by Los Angeles and other cities.

Garcetti contends there are no federal statutes the Justice Department can use against his city. He acknowledged that the administration can withdraw federal funds, but he believes the city will get those funds anyway through court orders. (Read more from “Sanctuary Mayor ‘Not Scared at All’ of Trump” HERE)

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