Savage: Pelosi, Dems Think Whiteness Is a Crime

Democrats and the broader left have “targeted the white male … for extinction,” said Michael Savage on Thursday’s edition of his eponymous radio show, pointing to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) recent use of an anecdote involving her grandson to push racial politics . . .

“What Pelosi is doing has been done in this society for three or four decades,” said Savage. “They targeted the white male a long time ago. They targeted you for extinction, and it starts with very subtle things.”

Savage drew parallels between Nazi Germany’s anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws and contemporary neo-Marxist racial politics pushed by Democrats and leftists targeting whites . . .

“The cancer of hatred of Caucasians [and] white people,” said Savage, is advanced “every day” with narratives of “white privilege.”

Colleges and universities are pushing left-wing racial agitation upon their student bodies, said Savage: “What do you think the radical feminist monsters are doing to your son and daughter in college by telling them that whiteness is a crime?” (Read more from “Savage: Pelosi, Dems Think Whiteness Is a Crime” HERE)

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