Woman Marries the Ghost of a Pirate

Yes, in the enlightened 21st Century you can “marry” a pirate who died 300 years ago and have it legally recognized.

The pirate, Jack Teague, just became “husband” to Amanda Teague of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. Her love of pirates began with her work as a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator. Despite being married to a “physical being” for six years, which culminated in five children, Amanda eventually fell in love with the dead entity Jack Teague and became his “wife.”

According to The Sun, “like any normal couple, Amanda and Jack go on dates, have rows and even have sex. Amanda appeared on Loose Women on Valentines Day 2018 and revealed she buys her ghostly hubby a glass of rum when they go on date nights to her local pub.” . . .

Jack Teague apparently liked living dangerously as a thief on the high seas until he came to his death by execution in the 1700s. Don’t feel bad for him, though, because he found his soulmate in Amanda. Their love affair “began one night in 2014 when she was lying in bed and felt his energy appear beside her.”

Amanda eventually hired a registrar and journeyed to international waters where she could legally marry the pirate. She even employed a “spiritual medium at the wedding to allow him to say ‘I do’ during the ceremony.” (Read more from “Woman Marries the Ghost of a Pirate” HERE)

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