Explosions Rock Texas Capital – Cops Swamped With 34 ‘Suspicious Package’ Calls

A teenager has been killed and two women injured after two package explosions rocked Austin, Texas, on Monday.

The two explosions come just weeks after a similar blast killed an Austin man just weeks ago. Authorities believe all three explosions are connected . . .

Austin residents are being asked to call 9-1-1 if they receive unexpected packages on their doorsteps. As of Monday evening, police had received at least 34 “suspicious package” calls since around 8 a.m.

Neighbor Cynthia Burdett, who lives near the location of the early blast Monday, told Fox 7 she’s in “total shock” because the situation is “very scary.”

“I checked my house first of all to make sure nothing was on fire, I did look outside at that point and next thing I knew police were knocking at the door saying that there was a suspicious package, one had exploded and that I needed to leave the house,” she said. (Read more from “Explosions Rock Texas Capital – Cops Swamped With 34 ‘Suspicious Package’ Calls” HERE)

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