Motion Filed Against Judge Who Jailed Kim Davis for Christian Beliefs

Lawyers for Kentucky Christian county clerk Kim Davis are appealing a decision by Judge David Bunning, Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning’s son, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for lawyers defending same-sex duos.

The same-sex couples, who sued Davis for not issuing them marriage licenses in violation of her religious beliefs, won a temporary order from Bunning. But in a brief filed with the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Liberty Counsel argues that no fees are owed because the case was dismissed when the state changed the law so that Davis’ name would not be required to appear on marriage licenses, the outcome she originally sought . . .

The brief points out that Bunning was so anxious to rule in favor of the homosexual duos that he didn’t wait until he had jurisdiction in the case before holding a hearing . . .

Liberty Counsel noted the litigation was an attempt to “force an ‘all or nothing’ choice between same-sex marriage on one hand, and religious liberties on the other, with no regard whatsoever for any reasonable accommodation.”

The legal team pointed out that some of the plaintiffs traveled through jurisdictions where they could have gotten licenses in order to reach Davis’ jurisdiction, where they demanded she comply. (Read more from “Motion Filed Against Judge Who Jailed Kim Davis for Christian Beliefs” HERE)

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