Solar Storm Could Hit This Week

A minor solar storm is traveling toward Earth and is expected to hit as early as Wednesday.

If a solar storm is powerful enough, it can damage satellites and cut power. But the incoming storm is said to be minor, even though it may create an impressive display of the Northern Lights.

A major explosion in the sun’s atmosphere known as a flare, which took place on March 6 and 7, triggered the solar storm. Charged particles from the burst are now headed straight for Earth.

Meanwhile, scientists believed the Earth’s magnetic field forms “equinox cracks” around March 20 and Sept. 23 each year. The cracks, which are said to stay open for hours, create weaknesses in Earth’s natural defenses and could leave GPS systems and commercial flights more exposed to the damaging effects of a solar storm.

But the cracks could also create amazing opportunities for stargazers to catch a better view of the Northern lights. (Read more from “Solar Storm Could Hit This Week” HERE)

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