Threat to Independent Media Worse Than You Know

I feel like the prophet Jeremiah. He was always the prophet I did not want to be when I grew up. He not only was the bearer of bad news to Israel, but he did not exactly live a mostly comfortable life – like Ezekiel and Daniel.

But it’s been my misfortune to raise alarms about the devastating attacks by the Digital Cartel – Google-Facebook – on the independent media. They’ve been going on for a long time to be sure. But the scorched-earth policy began last summer – and it’s been killing sites like WND, Breitbart, Daily Caller, et al.

Just this week, for instance, Politico published a story almost gleefully reporting that my friends at have lost half their traffic and even more advertising during this siege by the politically motivated giants of the internet. Even if the reports are exaggerated, we’re talking about an imminent, existential threat to the biggest of the big independent media sites . . .

This war on us is not going away. We’re all in the same boat – and Google-Facebook are shooting holes in it. It’s a massive power play that not only threatens the independent media that were so important as a reality check in the 2016 presidential election but is crippling us in the critical 2018 election battle for control of Congress.

But it’s even bigger than that, I’m afraid. I honestly believe that this fight, at the end of the day, will determine whether or not freedom of speech on the internet will survive. I think the independent media are just the lab rats in a grand and gruesome experiment for total control of thought by the left. If the lab rats die, it will be on to stifling other voices through intimidation and humiliation. (Read more from “Threat to Independent Media Worse Than You Know” HERE)

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