Comey Kept Trump in the Dark on Dossier’s Democratic Funding

Fired FBI Director James Comey has acknowledged that he never told Donald Trump that the dossier on which his bureau relied to investigate the president was financed by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton campaign.

Promoting his book, “A Higher Loyalty,” Mr. Comey talked to ABC News about his seminal moment with President-elect Trump at Trump Tower on Jan. 6, 2017. He informed Mr. Trump about the dossier’s most salacious unproven charge — that in 2013 the future president entertained prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room.

Mr. Comey presented the allegation to Mr. Trump as an intelligence report, keeping him in the dark about it being a piece of opposition research by ex-British spy Christoper Steele. Mr. Steele had told a Justice Department contact during the election that he was “desperate” to destroy the presidential candidate . . .

Trump supporters say that if Mr. Comey had been forthcoming on Jan. 6 the White House from the start would have been in a better position to defend itself against dossier allegations of Russian collusion. To this day, they remain unconfirmed publicly. Mr. Trump fired Mr. Comey the following May.

Mr. Comey also did not tell the president that the Democratic Party dossier had been used by the FBI to obtain a surveillance warrant on Trump volunteer Carter Page. In fact, later that month, the FBI again used the dossier to garner a second of four court-approved wiretap warrants on Mr. Page, who denies all the dossier charges against him. (Read more from “Comey Kept Trump in the Dark on Dossier’s Democratic Funding” HERE)

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