Congressman Reveals How Many Data Points Facebook Has on You

By The Daily Wire. On Wednesday, during Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Ben Lujan (D-NM) revealed the number of data points that Facebook has on both users and non-users of the social media platform.

“On average, how many data points does Facebook have on each Facebook user?” Lujan asked Zuckerberg . . .

Lujan then revealed that Facebook has tens of thousands of data points on those who use the platform as well over a thousand data points on those who do not even use Facebook.

(Read more from “Congressman Reveals How Many Data Points Facebook Has on You” HERE)


Facebook Has Been Worried About Data Leaks Like This Since It Went Public in 2012

By CNBC. Revelations of a massive data leak at Facebook have shocked users, investors, lawmakers and even some top executives in recent weeks — but the company warned of third-party breaches and government regulation more than six years ago when it first filed to go public.

In its 2012 IPO prospectus, Facebook called “improper access to or disclosure of our users’ information” a risk factor that could potentially harm the company’s reputation and financial outlook.

Here is the excerpt:

“Our efforts to protect the information that our users have chosen to share using Facebook may be unsuccessful due to the actions of third parties, software bugs or other technical malfunctions, employee error or malfeasance, or other factors. In addition, third parties may attempt to fraudulently induce employees or users to disclose information in order to gain access to our data or our users’ data. If any of these events occur, our users’ information could be accessed or disclosed improperly.”

None of that excuses Facebook’s data control and privacy problems that have been exposed to the world in recent weeks. But the cautionary disclosure suggests that the social media giant knew the general risks associated with its massive open platform. (Read more from “Facebook Has Been Worried About Data Leaks Like This Since It Went Public in 2012” HERE)

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