Crazed McCain Makes Idiotic Claim That Assad Gassed His Own People Because Trump Said US is Leaving Syria

By CNN. Republican Sen. John McCain said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s comments that the US military would leave Syria “very soon” had emboldened Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, resulting in the reported chemical weapons attack Saturday that killed dozens of the country’s civilians.

“President Trump last week signaled to the world that the United States would prematurely withdraw from Syria,” the Arizona senator said in a statement. “Bashar Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers have heard him, and emboldened by American inaction, Assad has reportedly launched another chemical attack against innocent men, women and children, this time in Douma.”

The statement from the hawkish chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee came hours after Trump tweeted that there would be a “big price to pay” for an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria. Trump’s tweets pinned blame for the situation there on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s support for Assad and former US President Barack Obama’s past policy in the war-torn nation. (Read more about “Crazed McCain Makes Idiotic Claim” HERE)


Dozens Suffocate in Syria as Government Is Accused of Chemical Attack

By The New York Times. The British Foreign Office called for an urgent investigation and said that if the use of chemical weapons proved to be true, “it is further proof of Assad’s brutality.”

The United States government said it was working to verify whether chemical weapons had been used. A new, confirmed chemical attack in Syria would pose a dilemma for President Trump, who ordered military strikes on a Syrian air base after a chemical attack last year to punish Mr. Assad but has more recently said he wanted to get the United States out of Syria.

In posts on Twitter on Sunday, Mr. Trump condemned the attack, blaming Iran and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for supporting the Syrian government and warning of consequences. White House officials did not rule out a military response. (Read more from “Dozens Suffocate in Syria as Government Is Accused of Chemical Attack” HERE)

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