Kidnapped Child Uses Smarts to Thwart Abduction

By NBC San Diego. An 8-year-old girl who, along with her toddler brother, was inside of a car when it was stolen in Encanto was able to discretely call 911 from the back seat and help police arrest her captor before they crossed the border into Mexico, police said.

The father of the two children said he left them in his car with the engine on and air conditioning running while he ran into a beauty supply store on Imperial Avenue at about 12:30 p.m., according to the San Diego Police Department (SDPD).

Rodney Cole told NBC 7 he was only making a quick stop to purchase some hair ties for his daughter.

A witness to the robbery and kidnapping said a woman was bouncing a basketball near the car when she dropped it suddenly and peered into Cole’s car, presumably to see if the keys were still inside, and jumped in . . .

“I almost caught the car but she started driving erratically,” Cole said with his children at his side. “She got to the light and ran the light and made a left, and I was just stuck in the middle of the street crying and bawling. I didn’t know what to do, these are my babies.” (Read more from “Kidnapped Child Uses Smarts to Thwart Abduction” HERE)


How a Child Used Smarts to Save Herself and Brother From Abduction

By The Blaze. Cole called 911, KNSD reported — and then minutes later his daughter did the same thing from her own cellphone. Cole gave it to Malaiha in case of an emergency, KABC reported. She’s had it since she was 5, KNSD said.

“I said, ‘If you don’t take us back to our daddy, I’ll call police.’ Then I called 911,” Malaiha told KNSD she told her abductor.

“They said, ‘911, what’s your emergency?’ And I said, ‘Me and my little brother got kidnapped,’” Malaiha told KABC. “She said, ‘Can you tell us where you are? What do you see?’ I said, ‘I see signs that say Mexico border.’”

Malaiha told KABC the woman “tried to take the phone from me, but then I moved away from her. She said, ‘Give me the phone or I’m going to drive in circles and crash into the freeway wall.’”

While Malaiha said she eventually gave the phone to the woman, by then authorities knew where they were, KABC noted. (Read more from “How a Child Used Smarts to Save Herself and Brother From Abduction” HERE)

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