Liberal Thugs in NYC Threaten Foreign Tourist, Take His MAGA Hat at Knife Point

By The Daily Caller. A New York City tourist from Denmark had his Make America Great Again hat stolen at knife point Thursday and was physically threatened when he tried to take it back.

The 18-year-old unnamed victim was headed for the subway near Union Square when he was accosted by two men who grabbed him from behind,” The New York Post reported.

Authorities say the victim fought back, but backed down after one of the suspects pulled out a knife and started doling out threats. (Read more from “Liberal Thugs in NYC Threaten Foreign Tourist, Take His MAGA Hat at Knife Point” HERE)


Tourist Mugged at Knifepoint for MAGA Hat

By The New York Post. A Danish tourist on a school trip was robbed at knifepoint by two thugs who snatched his “Make America Great Again” cap — and threatened him when he tried to get it back, authorities said . . .

“I began to shake, and as I heard the word knife I let the hat go,” he said.

Andersen said he bought the hat in New York — but never thought it would make him the victim of a crime.

“I bought it for my dad as a joke,” he said. “I don’t know why I decided to wear it. I didn’t think some people would take it so far to [try to] stab a tourist over a hat.” (Read more from “Tourist Mugged at Knifepoint for MAGA Hat” HERE)

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