Murder, Rape and Suicide: How an Obama Era ‘Diversity’ Directive Ushered Injustice Into Our Public Schools

When a policy intended to create racial equality treats students differently based on the color of their skin and buries serious wrongdoing in the name of diversity, real victimhood is ripe for the making and injustice is bound to flourish.

An Obama-era diversity-themed education directive has been doing just that, according to educators, anti-school violence advocates, and guardians of student victims. Whistle-blowers have uncovered the ushering in of seemingly avoidable rapes, sexual assaults, suicides, murders, and vicious bullying within the halls of our public schools due to a threatening federal guidance issued in 2014.

Education Week explains that the civil rights guidance, which was jointly issued by the Departments of Education and Justice, “put schools on notice that they may be found in violation of federal civil rights laws” or denied federal grants “if they enforce intentially discriminatory rules or if their policies lead to disproportionately higher rates of discipline for students in one racial group, even if those policies were written without discriminatory intent.” . . .

Nicole Landers, a pediatric nurse, mother of six, and advocate against school violence, told The Daily Wire that her fiftth grade daughter Tama shared her story of being sexually assaulted in school to Secretary DeVos at the meeting. Landers’ daughter was the only student victim in attendance; other victims were represented by their guardians . . .

Landers succinctly concluded, “However these guidelines were intended, we can’t speak to; the outcome of these guidelines is that all the children are getting hurt,” she explained. “The offending students are not getting identified, assessed and getting appropriate intervention; the victimized students are getting repeatedly victimized; the educators are living in fear of trying to do anything disciplinary in their classrooms for fear of being labeled discriminatory in their actions; the principals are terrified of the central office, so they’re suppressing the data and putting pressure on the teachers to do the same; and the states are worried about the loss of grant funds and CVR investiagtions.” (Read more from “Murder, Rape and Suicide: How an Obama Era ‘Diversity’ Directive Ushered Injustice Into Our Public Schools” HERE)

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