Popular Youtuber Attacks Christian Teen

You’d be forgiven for never having heard of YouTuber Cinnamon Toast Ken. According to YouTube.Wikia, he’s risen to internet fame by uploading gaming videos. He has also (somehow) managed to garner over 3 million followers on Twitter, despite posting some despicable cyberbullying videos, including one mocking a teen girl because of her love for Jesus.

In one video titled, “Crazy Girl Obsessed With Jesus,” Ken relentlessly picks on Christian YouTuber Emma Mae Jenkins, mocking her appearance and scoffing at her religious convictions . . .

In one of her video blogs, Emma Mae Jenkins explained her morning routine, which consists of prayer and worship.

I get bullied because of how much I am so recklessly in love with Jesus. I get laughed at for the way that I smile, and I get mocked for how my voice sounds…but to be a daughter of the King//to be a child of God means to love those who hate you. It means to pray for those who persecute you. It means to bless those who curse you. I would not be living the life worthy of the calling that God has called me to live if I only loved those who love me in return. To be a beloved of the Most High means to pick up my cross and follow Him because He loved us all expecting nothing in return. I am smiling in such humble response to the joy that the Lord has overflowed my cup with!! New blog post up about the sweet grace that has called us to live a higher standard and love unconditionally in JOY! The link is in my bio and I pray that this blesses your heart! I surely do love you!!❤️

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“I do this because in Mark 1:35, it says that ‘Jesus, waking up very early in the morning, he went to a very quiet place, and there he prayed.’ Jesus lived in such a way that we are called to live as he did,” she says, which incidentally is some pretty solid advice.

Cinnamon Toast Ken later posted his own commentary on the video, saying that he agrees we should live like Jesus before immediately contradicting himself and mocking faith. (Read more from “Popular Youtuber Attacks Christian Teen” HERE)

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