Syria Chemical Attack: France’s President ‘Has Proof’

By BBC. France’s President Emmanuel Macron says he has “proof” that the Syrian government attacked the town of Douma with chemical weapons last weekend.

He said he would decide “in due course” whether to respond with air strikes.

Urine and blood samples from victims of the attack have tested positive for chlorine and a nerve agent, media reports quote US officials as saying.

Western states are thought to be preparing for missile strikes. Russia strongly opposes such action . . .

He did not give the source of his information but said: “We have proof that last week chemical weapons, at least chlorine, were used by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.” (Read more from “Syria Chemical Attack: France’s President ‘Has Proof'” HERE)


France and UK Prepare Syria Response as Assad Warns West to Stay Out

By CNN. President Bashar al-Assad is warning the West against attacking Syria as President Donald Trump’s international allies make preparations to join the United States in any military action against the regime in response to last week’s suspected chemical attack.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s senior ministers agreed on the need for action against Syria at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, but Downing Street did not specify what measures the UK would take.

May spoke with Trump on Thursday night about the international response to Syria, and they “agreed that the Assad regime had established a pattern of dangerous behavior in relation to the use of chemical weapons,” according to a statement a Downing Street spokesperson shared with CNN.

“They agreed it was vital that the use of chemical weapons did not go unchallenged, and on the need to deter the further use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. They agreed to keep working closely together on the international response,” the statement said. (Read more from “France and UK Prepare Syria Response as Assad Warns West to Stay Out” HERE)

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