Transgender “Female” Competes in Weightlifting Competition in Spite of 25 Percent Advantage

Four years ago, weightlifter Laurel Hubbard transitioned from being a male to a female. [He] will now compete in the women’s weightlifting competition at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, in spite of protest.

The Commonwealth Games is an athletic competition (similar to the Olympics) between countries that include 53 members comprised of the former British Empire. The competition has carried on since 1930.

Cited as one of New Zealand’s “brightest medal prospects,” the 40-year-old is facing scrutiny over whether or not [his] competition against naturally-born women is fair. Otago University physiology professor Alison Heather said that “in general males outperform females across most sports, in weightlifting and strength sports…(and) that male to female difference can be as high as 25 percent.”

Heather added: “A man transitioning to a female has physiological advantages that they take into their new female life based on their previous male life.” She described those advantages such as having naturally larger hearts and lungs, muscle mass and bone structures.

Hubbard qualified under the parameters set for transgender athletes by the International Olympic Committee, which are also followed by the International Weightlifting Federation. The metrics are based on testosterone levels, and after twelve months of hormone therapy, Hubbard is able to compete in the women’s category. (Read more from “Transgender “Female” Competes in Weightlifting Competition in Spite of 25 Percent Advantage” HERE)

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