Trump Mocked for ‘Mission Accomplished!’ Tweet

By CNN. The Twittersphere piled on President Donald Trump after he tweeted Saturday that the US-led strikes on Syria “could not have had a better result.”

“Mission Accomplished!” he wrote of the US, UK and French strikes against targets in Syria over the suspected use of chemical weapons.

Twitter users immediately saw a connection to comments from President George W. Bush in 2003 when he gave a speech announcing an end to major combat operations in Iraq with a massive banner behind him that read, “Mission Accomplished.”

Bush gave his speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier a little more than a month after US troops were deployed to Iraq, and it would soon become clear that the mission was, in fact, not accomplished. As the war dragged on, it came to symbolize what had gone wrong in Iraq.

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Russia Claims Syria Air Defenses Shot Down 71 of 103 Missiles

By The Guardian. The Russian military has claimed that the Syrian air defences, whose most modern weapon is a three-decades-old Russian-supplied anti-aircraft system, shot down 71 of 103 missiles fired by the US and its allies, the UK and France, a claim denied by the Pentagon.

As further details began to emerge about the sites targeted by the US-led strikes, Col Gen Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian military said the strikes had not caused any casualties and that Syrian military facilities suffered only minor damage.

It was not possible to verify the claims. The most up-to-date system that Moscow has supplied to the Syrian regime is the short range Pantsir S-1, which has an anti-missile capability.

Russia said its advisers had spent the last 18 months completely rebuilding the Syrian air defence system, and said the high number of intercepted rockets spoke to “the high effectiveness of the weaponry in Syria and the excellent training of Syrian servicemen prepared by our specialists”. (Read more from “Russia Claims Syria Air Defenses Shot Down 71 of 103 Missiles” HERE)

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