The White House Just Let a Big Secret Slip About Firing Robert Mueller

By CNN. Less than 24 hours removed from Donald Trump musing that “many people” have told him he should fire special counsel Robert Mueller, Sarah Sanders made clear that that the White House has researched such a move and believes Trump has the ability to do it.

“He certainly believes he has the power to do so,” the White House press secretary said of the President’s ability to fire Mueller. “We’ve been advised that the President certainly has the power to make that decision.” . . .

Think about what Sanders is saying here. She is saying that the White House has sought out guidance as to whether Trump can fire the special counsel. And concluded that he can. (Read more from “The White House Just Let a Big Secret Slip About Firing Robert Mueller” HERE)


Trump Sought to Fire Mueller in December

By The New York Times. In early December, President Trump, furious over news reports about a new round of subpoenas from the office of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, told advisers in no uncertain terms that Mr. Mueller’s investigation had to be shut down.

The president’s anger was fueled by reports that the subpoenas were for obtaining information about his business dealings with Deutsche Bank, according to interviews with eight White House officials, people close to the president and others familiar with the episode. To Mr. Trump, the subpoenas suggested that Mr. Mueller had expanded the investigation in a way that crossed the “red line” he had set last year in an interview with The New York Times.

In the hours that followed Mr. Trump’s initial anger over the Deutsche Bank reports, his lawyers and advisers worked quickly to learn about the subpoenas, and ultimately were told by Mr. Mueller’s office that the reports were not accurate, leading the president to back down. (Read more from “Trump Sought to Fire Mueller in December” HERE)

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