Woman Calls Cops on Man at the Park Because of His Pro-Gun Shirt

By Bizpac Review. A Texas woman called the police when she became suspicious of a man at a children’s’ playground.

But the man, a father who was there with his own two daughters, had done nothing wrong except wear a T-shirt that offended the woman.

Troy Johnston, who was at a Benbrook playground where his four and six-year old daughters were playing, was legally and openly carrying his firearm on a holster on his hip, according to Blue Lives Matter. But it wasn’t the gun that set the woman off, it was Johnston’s shirt which read, “I’ll control my guns, you control your kids.”

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A man and his family reportedly approached Johnston a short time after he had been there letting the father know a woman was “fuming” over Johnston’s shirt and the fact that he was armed.

“I thanked him for letting me know, and continued playing with my kids,” Johnson said, before another family approached him and asked to read what his shirt said. (Read more from “Woman Calls Cops on Man at the Park Because of His Pro-Gun Shirt” HERE)


Woman Calls Police Over Man Wearing Pro-Gun T-Shirt at Park

By Blue Lives Matter. A short while later, another man and his family approached Johnston, and asked to read his shirt, he said.

Johnston showed him his shirt, at which point the man warned him that his father-in-law had just been harassed by woman in the parking lot, and that she was contacting police regarding Johnson’s attire.

The man told Johnston that he didn’t know “what was wrong with her,” and that he actually “felt more secure knowing there was someone there that would protect them,” Johnston said.

Although he had intended to leave prior to his conversation with the second man, Johnston said he opted to wait for police once he became aware that they had likely been called to the area.

According Benbrook Police Department (BPD) Corporal J. Reese, a woman contacted the department at approximately 3:21 p.m., and reported a “suspicious person” with a “gun holstered to his chest,” was wearing a shirt that read “You control your kids, I’ll control my guns.” (Read more from “Woman Calls Police Over Man Wearing Pro-Gun T-Shirt at Park” HERE)

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