CBS Doesn’t like Own Mueller Poll, so Fox Has to Report It

. . .In fact, some members of the media have all but joined with elected Democrats and liberals across the country in viewing Mueller as some sort of savior who will prove to be the ultimate downfall of President Donald Trump, uncovering evidence that will lead to his impeachment from office and even indictments and conviction for unspecified crimes.

As such, when CBS News recently conducted a poll with regard to the Mueller investigation, the results ran so counter to the prevailing media narrative of how the public views it that CBS declined to even report the results on its network broadcasts, only posting the results on its website.

The CBS poll found only 44 percent of Americans thought the Mueller investigation was “justified,” while 53 percent said it was “politically motivated.” That is a significant change since the same question was posed in December, when 46 percent believed the investigation was justified and only 48 percent thought it was politically motivated.

Republicans, not surprisingly, believed the investigation was politically motivated by a huge margin of 88-11 percent., while Democrats claimed the probe was justified by a margin of 72-23 percent. . .

Newsbusters made light of the fact that while CBS failed to broadcast the results of its own poll — as it undercuts the pro-Mueller narrative — Fox News picked up the slack and reported the results on its network last week. (Read moer from “CBS Doesn’t like Own Mueller Poll, so Fox Has to Report It” HERE)

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