Conservatives Rejoice as Acosta Accidentally Confirms Trump’s Taking Obama Legacy Apart

Few conservatives will ever forget the day that former President Barack Obama arrogantly declared to America and a Republican-controlled Congress, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.”

The implication behind this snide remark was that Obama would use his “pen and phone” to bypass congressional opposition and implement his rejected progressive agenda by way of executive actions and orders.

But what is done by one presidential pen can be undone by the next one, and that’s precisely what we’re seeing now, as President Donald Trump has systematically dismantled Obama’s “legacy” since taking office.

That brutal fact of life for liberals was accidentally confirmed on Tuesday by CNN’s vehemently outspoken Trump critic/White House correspondent Jim Acosta, much to the delight of conservatives everywhere. . .

The most recent addition to the list of “Obama policies dumped by Trump” is the terribly flawed Iran nuclear deal, which Trump thankfully put to rest on Tuesday to resounding cheers from everyone except Obama’s acolytes, globalist European leaders soaking Iran for every penny they could get and the Iranian mullahs themselves. (Read more from “Conservatives Rejoice as Acosta Accidentally Confirms Trump’s Taking Obama Legacy Apart” HERE)

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