Devastating: U.S. City Slammed With Flash Floods

Rescue personnel here were searching Monday for a man missing after rampaging waters roared like a river through the quaint, historic downtown, swallowing cars and flooding stores and homes — just two years after a similar devastating deluge.

The town was pounded by almost eight inches of rain Sunday. When the flash flooding receded, first responders walked through the ravaged downtown area, its Main Street strewn with debris. The disaster was similar to a flash flood two years ago that killed two people. . .

Ray Miser was sitting on his porch Sunday as at least 2 feet of water began rushing past his home. “It sure was a sight,” he said. “There were logs and everything just floating like I was living on a river.”

Miser, 77, said he’s watched other floods hit the area, including the 2016 disaster. But his elevated two-story home made it through again. “You just got to pray,” he said.

Gardner said 911 call systems were bombarded with about 1,100 calls that started when the flooding began at about 4 p.m. Sunday. Fire Chief John Butler said first responders assisted in the evacuations of about 300 people, more than two dozen of them water rescues from “a high level of danger.” (Read more from “Devastating: U.S. City Slammed With Flash Floods” HERE)

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