John Mccain: I Don’t Want Trump at My Funeral

Senator John McCain, who is suffering from a very serious form of brain cancer, says he would prefer if President Donald Trump skipped his funeral and sent Vice President Mike Pence in his stead.

Speaking to NBC News, friends of McCain confirmed that his cancer is aggressive and that he doesn’t “know how much longer I’ll be here.” He is currently in Arizona recovering from intestinal surgery. McCain and his family aren’t admitting that McCain is in the final stages of his life, but The New York Times reports that visitors to the McCain ranch are unusually effusive and helping “take care of unfinished business.”

When he does go, though, McCain doesn’t want President Donald Trump at his funeral. Instead, friends say, he’d prefer if Vice President Mike Pence represented the White House at whatever events might follow his death. (Read more from “John McCain: I Don’t Want Trump at My Funeral” HERE)

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