Michael Moore Wishes Karl Marx a Happy 200th Birthday

Documentary filmmaker and A-list leftist, Michael Moore, took to Twitter Saturday to wish Karl Marx, the author of “The Communist Manifesto,” a happy 200th birthday, to thank the late 19th century thinker for his contributions, and to defend Marx against those who might seek to “distort” Marx’s legacy by pointing out that it’s resulted in the deaths of millions of people.

Seemingly unaware that he, himself, is a multi-millionaire and easily among the “super-rich” (at last count, during his divorce proceedings several years ago, Moore was the owner of at least eight separate homes in various parts of the world), Moore praised Marx for his denigration of the “super-wealthy.”

Then, comparing Marx to Jesus Christ, Moore claimed that Marx’s legacy was one of equality, and that the only reason Communism has killed millions is because “ruthless men” have distorted Marx’s sweet vision of equality. Real Communism, Moore seems to contend, has never truly existed.

Those European countries are able to provide “socialist” services because they partake in the global financial market, as does Moore, who has made millions doing a job — filmmaker — that simply doesn’t (and couldn’t) exist under a Marxist regime, since “artists” don’t contribute meaningfully to the means of production. At best, Moore would be a propaganda minister (though some might contend he already is one). (Read more from “Michael Moore Wishes Karl Marx a Happy 200th Birthday” HERE)

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