Pompeo Describes What Kim Jong Un Is like in Person

By The Daily Caller. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described what North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is like in person during a Sunday interview with Fox News . . .

“He knows his brief, he knows what he is trying to achieve for the North Korean people, he’s able to deal with complexity when the conversation requires it,” Pompeo said.

The Secretary of State also noted that Kim Jong Un pays attention to Western media, saying, “He does follow the Western press. He will probably watch this show at some point. He’s paying attention to things that the world is saying.” (Read more from “Pompeo Describes What Kim Jong Un Is like in Person” HERE)


Pompeo: U.S. Firms Could Invest in North Korea and Kim May Get ‘Security Assurances’

By The Guardian. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that if North Korea agrees to fully dismantle its nuclear weapons program, the Trump administration will allow the American private sector to invest in the country.

Pompeo also hinted that the US might assure Kim Jong-un he can stay in power after any deal.

If a deal is reached at or after the summit meeting between Kim and Trump scheduled for Singapore on 12 June, Pompeo said on Fox News Sunday, “private sector Americans, not the US taxpayer” could “help build out the energy grid that needs enormous amounts of electricity in North Korea”. Americans could also help, he said, with investment in infrastructure and agriculture to help feed the North Korean people.

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation, Pompeo floated the possibility of “sanctions relief”, a remark that jarred a little with a comment by Donald Trump’s national security adviser. John Bolton told CNN’s State of the Union: “I wouldn’t look for economic aid from us.”

Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina senator, said private investment or sanctions relief for the North would “be the best money we ever spent”. (Read more from “Pompeo: U.S. Firms Could Invest in North Korea and Kim May Get ‘Security Assurances’” HERE)

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