Rigged: Google Bans Pro-Life Ads Ahead of Vote on Abortion Legalization

On Wednesday, Google announced its crackdown on pro-life ads on both their search engine site and YouTube ahead of Ireland’s vote on the legalization of abortion via the repeal of the country’s Eighth Amendment, which is set for May 25.

In a statement released by Google, the tech company claimed they were blocking all abortion-related ads to allegedly keep the “integrity” of the election. “Following our update around election integrity efforts globally, we have decided to pause all ads related to the Irish referendum on the Eighth Amendment,” reads the statement.

Pro-lifers, noting a recent drop in polling for the “Yes” vote, have accused Google of attempting to rig the election in favor of the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, thus legalizing abortion. “An emergency press conference was called by the Pro Life Campaign, Save the 8th and the Iona Institute, following the announcement,” reported Ireland’s Independent. “They claimed the decision to ban ads on Google had been taken ‘because one side in this referendum is terrified of losing and wants to prevent voters from being informed.'”

Pro-lifer John McGuirk called out Google for their apparently disingenuous statement regarding “election integrity.” “It is about concerns that the No side might win,” he protested . . .

Speaking of big money, power, and influence, George Soros is apparently behind the referendum. LifeNews reports that a leaked 2016 “document from American billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations revealed plans to push Ireland and other pro-life countries to legalize abortion on demand.” Some of these donations were deemed illegal under the 1997 Electoral Act, though the receiving pro-abortion group refused to return the money. (Read more from “Rigged: Google Bans Pro-Life Ads Ahead of Vote on Abortion Legalization” HERE)

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